Five benefits of buying a green home


Green homes are not only environment-friendly but also a necessity now-a-days. Many people prefer to choose eco-friendly houses due to the health and well-being of the occupants. These houses may be costly initially but offer benefits to owners in the long run. Buying a green home can help you save 20-30% on your electricity bill and 30-50% on the water supply. There are several benefits which can reduce the cost of daily necessities if you live in a green home.

1. Energy Saving
Buyers can get many benefits while living in a green home. The most important is in the reduction of operating energy costs from day one and for the entire life cycle of the building. Electricity and water supply bills are mostly higher during summers owing to high consumption. Green homes are constructed in such a way that they receive natural lighting and air without the use of electricity. Solar panels are used to meet the electricity demand for lighting which helps to save on electricity bills.

2. Water Saving
The rising pollution and population put pressure on water sources. In many cities, water is already a scarcity so conserving it is very important. Methods like water harvesting can save as much as 30 – 50% water cost. A green home will not only reduce the water cost but also help you to conserve this scarce natural resource.

3. Enhanced air quality
To enjoy good air quality in your house, it is important that the design is such that you have uninterrupted air circulation and have natural air filtration such as plants. Using shades can shield your house against heat waves. The use of solar chimneys and exhaust fans can also enhance the quality of air inside your house.

4. Natural lighting
The biggest source of natural lighting in a house is the window. You should not block your windows and let sunlight come into your house. Use natural paints and light colours to maximise the natural lighting in your drawing room and bedroom. An interior designer can help you modify your home in such a way that it receives more daylight and you do not need to depend on electric appliances for lighting.

5. Healthy lifestyle
When it comes to health, it is important to ensure that your house has fresh air circulation and is shielded against harmful pollutants. A green home offers healthy lifestyle by keeping natural air indoors and filtering it through plants and solar energy. The use of eco-friendly furniture and light colours will help you live a healthy life. So clean your indoor air and adopt green living by filling your home with a lot of plants.


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